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Fogo Island, a small island situated off Newfoundland, has the intention of becoming completely plastic free in the coming years and as their tourist numbers increase memorabilia of this special place are in higher demand. Utilising one of the most abundant resources on the island, which is wind, a plastic free kite was developed, made out of Birch Wood, Ripstop Organic Cotton and hemp fibre string.
The developed kite is to be made on the island and intended for the Fogo Island Workshop gift shop.

The typology of the kite ressembles thereby the iconic fishing hut on the island - the „Salt Box“. 

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Image: ECAL / Jasmine Deporta

Image: ECAL / Jasmine Deporta

© 2022 Salt Box Kite, Marcus Angerer

Collaboration with Sebastiano Gallizia

Salt Box Kite

Fogo Island Workshop


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