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Hi, I am Marcus Angerer, an industrial designer based in Stuttgart, Germany.

My passion for design started early in my life, so I did my first internship in an industrial design studio, when I was still in middle school.

Since then, I completed my bachelor's studies at
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, got my master's  degree at ECAL,
worked for several studios and established my own small studio in Stuttgart.

Ambitious by nature and bent on achieving targeted results,
I derive immense pleasure from generating new ideas and turning these visions into actual products. 

With a focus on interior-space related objects, my work combines strong conceptual thinking, hands on workshop experience and expertise in 3D construction. Always striving for the perfect balance between aesthetics, technical sensitivity and contemporary values.

If you have any questions about my projects I am happy to share more information.

Just send me an email or visit me in my studio in Stuttgart!

Proform Design, internship

[2010, 2013/14]

Talentstudio, training


HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, BA


Jehs+Laub, internship


Kingston University, Erasmus


AUDI research scholarship


MOJA design, employed


WhiteID, employed


Representational jury member

at "Zeit.Bezüge" by Wilkhahn


MFOR, advisory function





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