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In terms of its geography and climate, Fogo lsland is well suited to wind power, but this neglects the logistical challenges of implementing wind turbines themselves. Fogo lsland's port is small and its roads are narrow, Pyre offers a solution to these issues through the use of cutting edge 3D-printing technology -

a methodology that is being launched by General Electric in 2023 to rapidly construct concrete wind turbine towers.

This technology allows raw
construction materials to be transported in their most compact form, before being printed directly on-site.

Pyre's design extracts the full potential of this new technology,
drawing on research conducted by ETH Zurich, the turbine features prestressed internal cables that prevent delamination.

Pyre's structure, which has been printed as a series of splayed interlocking elements -recalls the traditional wooden stilts used in the construction of fishing stages on the island.

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Image: ECAL / Jasmine Deporta

© 2023 Pyre, Marcus Angerer

Collaboration with Sebastiano Gallizia

3D Image: ECAL / Arthur Seguin

Credits: ETH Zürich

Credits: General Electrics

Pyre has been part of the U.F.O.G.O. exhibition at Milan Design Week 2023

Image: ECAL / Marvin Merkel

Image: ECAL / Marvin Merkel



U.F.O.G.O. Wind Turbine

Shorefast X ECAL

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